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100 Years of Jewish Hollywood

Happening in the Lyric Theatre

Starring Simon Spiro

​It's the return of one of the most popular shows in Jewish Music Week history!

Jewish songwriters have dominated the Best Song category at the Oscars since it was introduced in 1934. Now, join this celebration of all-time favourite movie songs and the Jewish songwriters who wrote them, performed by the powerhouse voices of Simon Spiro and guest stars Jeff Madden, Elicia MacKenzie, Charles Davidson, Julia Barber and Briar Boake. With a 26-piece orchestra, film footage, exciting narration and a lot of laughter , this family-friendly concert features everything from MGM classics to James Bond themes and Disney songs. It’s a concert like none other, and a must-see for movie-goers and music-lovers of every generation!


May 24, 20177:30 pm