Angelic Harmony – The Voice of Formosa Singers

Happening in the George Weston Recital Hall

To create an opportunity for learning as well as cultural exchange for local choral music community, Formosa Evergreen Senior Citizens Centre (FESCC), together with Emmanuel Chamber Choir (ECC) are proud to present Formosa Singers, one of the best and most decorated choir groups in Taiwan for a special performance in Toronto. Found and conducted by reputable Professor Julian Ching-Chun Su in 1994, the music group has set out to promote choral music of pristine quality and to refine the art of harmonious singing. The recognition of over twenty years of endeavor has been extended from Taiwan to abroad. Through the diversity and richness of the repertoire in this concert, the spirit and enchantment of both traditional and modern Taiwan music in perfect harmony would be recognized.


September 14, 20187:30 pm