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Carpe into my DMs

Happening in the Studio Theatre

Company: We Are Sports

Runtime: 60min

In a post-apocalyptic world, only a few millennials—and their smartphones—survive. Sketch comedy troupe, We Are Sports!, is desperate to escape the destructive mistakes of the past because this time, #thoughtsandprayers won’t be enough. With fingers pointed in all directions, will they find the answers they’re looking for, or will they be too caught up in how many Tinder matches they lost in the destruction? Directed by Second City Alumnus, Alastair Forbes, join these selfie-obsessed survivors for the best, and probably last, sketch comedy revue anyone will ever see.

Director: Alastair Forbes
Music Director: David Macintosh
Lighting Designer: Matthew Hallworth

Janelle McGuinness
Alex Bondesen
Dylen Guiry
Jacob Hogan
Danny Avila
Cihang Ma
Lauren Greenwood
Stephen Mashalidis
Ramsay Alwani
Renée Strasfeld
Sue Marenick


July 26, 20198:30 pm
July 28, 20195:00 pm


sketch comedy