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Happening in the George Weston Recital Hall

Join us for a celebration of Vietnamese New Year (Tết) 2017 and Canada 150. Experience dynamic lion dance, taste traditional Tết food and specialty Vietnamese coffee, and be entertained by most talented artists from the Vietnam Youth Theatre (Nhà hát Tuổi trẻ Việt Nam) with their singing, dancing, comedy, and traditional musical instrument performances. Celebrate Canada 150 with us and discover how Canadian schools, businesses and friends have made significant partnerships and meaningful people-to-people links with Vietnam.

Program Title: The Charm of Vietnam: New Year – Motherland – Love

Distinguished Artists: Chí Trung, Ngọc Huyền

Artists: Thanh Sơn, Đinh Hương Thủy

Singers: Hồng Dung, Hoàng Nga, Tôn Sơn, Ứng Anh Tuấn

One-String Instrument (Đàn Bầu) Artist: Ngô Trà My


January 8, 20175:00 pm