Festival of Arabic Music and Arts presents...

Dalal Abu Amneh: Ya Sitti

Happening in the George Weston Recital Hall

"Ya Sitti" (O grandma) is a musical project by Dalal Abu Amneh. It is an extension of her efforts in research and exploration in audio-blogging and text heritage. Dalal has used the discourse of Palestinian heritage to document and facilitate its reach by the people today."Ya Sitti" does not only aspire to revive this heritage, but also to evoke the environment in which this heritage is kept alive. In doing so, Dalal restores the cultural sprawl of folk music heritage which was sung in the Great Levant, and the Arabic surrounding area, selecting songs that bear the legacy and heritage of Palestine, Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo. Accompanying Dalal is a precious group of grandmothers. In the past they would sing in close circles behind closed doors. This project proudly brings them out on stage to the wider public in order to shed the light on their unique and important role as the birth-mothers of folk song heritage and expose their extraordinary efforts in inheriting and preserving that heritage. The grandmothers are not only singing but diving with the Dalal into the stories and history of the songs, which reflect the lives of women in particular, and society in general.

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November 3, 20187:30 pm