The Wiggles Live Present...

The Emma and Lachy Tour

Happening in the Lyric Theatre

 In the entertainment world there's been Sonny and Cher, Fred and Ginger and Elvis and Ann Margaret, well, for the first time ever, pre-schoolers have their own dynamic duo, it's Emma and Lachy! Those two wonderful Wiggles will be singing and dancing and toot-toot-chugger-chugging their way from Wiggle Town to perform for you their own live show. That's right, it's two shows for the price of one! 

Emma will start the show with some of the songs you've grown to love on her hit series Emma! Her delightful TV show will come to life with oodles of bowtiful singing and bowtiful dancing. Children will be delighted by every moment of songs such as The Music Box Ballerinasqueal with delight with This Little Piggy, focus on the fun of I’ve Got my Glasses On and so many more! But it doesn’t stop there, this show is double the fun!  The laughing, lovely, lyrical lad, who we like a lot will ask you "What Song will we Do Today?" and sing "Hello, hello" to you and other songs from his TV show and album. You won't be able to stop Lachy "horsing around" with his pink and purple pony pal, Ponso! 

It's double the fun, double the laughs and double the dancing on the Emma and Lachy Tour! So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now, as they'll sell like ….hot potatoes!


June 22, 201812:30 pm
June 22, 20183:30 pm
June 22, 20186:30 pm