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Happening in the Lyric Theatre

In this stunning musical, Eva Duarte rises from poverty to marry Juan Peron and become the 1st Lady of Argentina.  Eva Peron remains one of the most complex female political figures of the last century - adored by millions but hated by many - a fashionista who championed women’s rights - benevolent and loving to her people and country while at the same time profiting outlandishly from her position. And despite her stunning will and drive, Evita is stricken by cancer and dies at the age of 33. 

Set largely in post-war Buenos Aires (the Paris of South America), Webber and Rice capture the flavour and feel of a vibrant and amazing culture in an evolving (read sometimes dangerous) political climate. With hits like "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", Evita is an amazing evening's entertainment.


March 17, 20177:30 pm
March 18, 20171:30 pm
March 18, 20177:30 pm
March 19, 20171:30 pm
March 24, 20177:30 pm
March 25, 20171:30 pm
March 25, 20177:30 pm
March 26, 20171:30 pm