Hassan El fad

Happening in the Greenwin Theatre

Hassan El fad is undoubtedly the humorist most adored and most federated in Morocco for 20 years.

This native of Casablanca is a theater man who converted to the One Man Show with Ninja in 1997. He subsequently successes alternating parodies TV and solo on stage especially with Dr. Snails, Chanily TV, Canal 36 and its cult series L'Couple. If Hassan El fad has titled his last stand up "Ain Sebaa" of the name of the north cartier of Casablanca where he grew up it is because it is a sparkling autobiography, an offbeat and stripping glance on the Trever’s of The Moroccan society, memories and situations as crazy as authentic. Hassan opens his heart and, as a stripper, recounts his "public intimacy", his eleven brothers and sisters, the lioness of the zoo, Mrs. Gatineau's class, Hamam, the hippie beach ... in Arabic! Then, and above all, his famous existential questions, questions that have arisen several generations of Moroccans...  

El fad does not hesitate, often not, to involve his public in his show by allowing digressions and improvisations; an exercise dear to the heart of the artist.

(Spectacle in Moroccan Arabic)



March 25, 20177:00 pm