Zamar Music Productions Inc, in association with Jones & Jones Productions present...

The Hymns to Freedom Project

Happening in the Lyric Theatre

The Hymns to Freedom Project comes at a moment in our society of heightened racial tensions particularly between members of the black and white communities. In recent times, several decades after the abolishment of slavery and the Civil Rights movement, we still witness repeated incidents of police brutality resulting in the deaths of innocent black men, white supremacists rallies with participants bearing torches and chanting racist slurs, and racially controversial remarks coming from the most powerful political figure in the world.

But despite what we read in the headlines, this is not the full story. The Hymns to Freedom Project communicates the truth that love and unity are more powerful forces than hate and discord. Inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., award winning producer and composer, Corey Butler, created a show featuring his very own compositions which will be supported by a large Chamber Orchestra and renowned actress and singer, Toronto’s own, Jackie Richardson. The orchestra is comprised of avid and skilled players from all over the Greater Toronto Area and represented by many different cultural backgrounds.

Mr. Butler’s compositions are a fusion of Classical Music and the African American Negro Spiritual and highlights the seemingly unlikely influences the genres have on each other as well as their similarities. The tension and resolution in the pieces is juxtaposed against the historical and current racial environment and puts on clear display that when united, our differences can blend together to create magical masterpieces.

The Hymns to Freedom Project communicates the ideals of love, respect and unity to this and the next generation. All who attend can expect to be deeply moved and challenged by world class compositions, musicianship and the message that, "We Are Better Together".


There is a private performance on May 4 at 12pm for school groups.


May 5, 20187:00 pm