The Cabbage Theatre presents...

Metamorphosis Under the Stars

Happening in the Studio Theatre

The metamorphosis of a caterpillar is derived from the destruction of a cabbage - by consuming its leaves.

This is a story between Vincent Cabbage and Charlotte Caterpillar. Cabbage has been rooted on the ground since birth. The moment he met Caterpillar, he found someone who could dream the “flyaway” dream with him. However, the truth is, once Caterpillar transforms into butterfly, she is destined to leave. Cabbage persuades Caterpillar to obey the law of the universe, but, ironically hoping she could stay on the ground with him forever.

This is a story of love and sacrifice. Can love truly be unconditional?


Playwright: Anthony Chan (Hong Kong Repertory Theater Artistic Director)
Director: Alan Fong
Music Director and Live Pianist: Jenny Yeung
Cast: Hazel Wai, Aaron Tam


Show Length: approx. 1hr 10min with no intermission

Language: Cantonese


April 6, 20188:00 pm
April 7, 20188:00 pm