Nirvana the Connected Oneness

Happening in the Greenwin Theatre

Nirvana the Connected Oneness exposes a very unique creative project of dance, music, and yoga along with very authentic forms of Korean dances and vocal music.

As a holder of three styles of Salpuri Dances (the highest artistic form of spiritual Korean dance), Heerin Kim has developed a bold project of combining the Sapuri dances and yoga. Inspired by the commonality of the body movements and spiritual states of the two, Heerin Kim expresses the “transcendence” in the beauty of Salpuri and Sun Salutation.

The sacred sound of the gongs dances the dancer and moves the yogi. Young Jik Kim gave a flavor of Korean traditional rhythm to the gong music that represents the highest spiritual state while amalgamating the Korean dance and yoga.

Clara Youn presents the Sun Salutation in the breath of Korean dance.


October 13, 20187:00 pm