Jaybird Productions presents...

The Odd Couple

Happening in the Studio Theatre

By Neil Simon

It’s 1965. Marriage means something. Commitment means something. Divorce is the end. So, when Felix is kicked out of his marital home, he is despondent, to say the least. Oscar, his lovable, if messy, friend who is going through divorce himself takes pity on Felix and offers Felix a home until he gets back on his feet which works out great…until the fussy Felix realizes Oscar is a real slob.

Enjoy one of Neil Simon’s most funny and endearing comedies as the two men learn to cope with each other, move on from their failed marriages, and really start their lives afresh. 


September 14, 20178:00 pm
September 15, 20178:00 pm
September 16, 20178:00 pm
September 17, 20172:00 pm