Arya Entertainment presents...

Parviz Sayyad

Happening in the George Weston Recital Hall

Parviz Sayyad, is arguably the best known Iranian actor/comedian of the pre-revolution era in Iran. A showman, actor, talented comedian, writer and producer of many TV shows and Iranian cinema. He created the character "Samad", a naive innocent but street smart country-boy, mischievous with a heart-of-gold whose views of life around him are simple and to the point. Samad through his childish take on life, hinted at political/cultural issues of the time. The character Samad has been compared with Chaplin's Tramp, and as a result, he often is referred to as the Charlie Chaplin of Iran.

After exile in 1979, Sayyad kept the character “Samad” alive and he presented many theatrical plays on international stages for last three decades, while every time Samad was hinting on new political/cultural issues surrounding Iranians.

In this 3 hours show, Sayyad reviews his memories with audiences while Samad is along side of him


May 14, 20176:30 pm