best of fringe 2018


Happening in the Studio Theatre

The year is 2038. Khal and Ruthy's childhood was atypical. Their parents pranked them when they were very young to try to get famous on Youtube. Eventually the pranks escalated to the point of abuse, and the girls were taken away. Running from their past and trying to live a normal life, Khal has found herself supporting Ruthy by letting her stay with her. Unfortunately, Ruthy has recently decided she would like to dive back in to the world of internet fame. Khal thinks it's dangerous and implausible. Ruthy thinks she has a couple secret weapons - the knowledge that she's going to have a baby, and their parent's notorious legacy. What follows is a battle over privacy, decency, deception, and their very origins. Prank is a story of the internet-fame gold rush, and making the best of a terrible situation. 


Run time: 60 min.


August 18, 20187:00 pm