Russian Carousel Cultural Centre presents

Viktor Shenderovich Puppets 20 years later

Happening in the George Weston Recital Hall

Viktor Shenderovich - Russian writer, broadcaster, journalist and human rights activist. He is columnist in The New Times magazine and Ukrainian political edition "GORDON". From 1995 he became a screenwriter TV program "Dolls" on NTV. Also he led the program "Total", "Free cheese", "Interference in the air" and others. Since 2003 he has been working on the "Radio Liberty".

The program "Dolls. 20 years later" is practically the world premiere. The program includes excerpts from the best editions of the legendary "Dolls", the best stories twenty years, selected excerpts from the program "Free cheese" and exclusive content. Viewers promise to show why they are missing, and something completely new. 


March 23, 20178:00 pm