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In Waking Life

Happening in the Studio Theatre

Company: Spicy Day

Runtime: 50min

Do you seek the answers to your future? The meanings of your dreamings? 

A partially-improvised psychic comedy, In Waking Life presents the Synsk Sisters: two charming psychics who welcome you into their business and their lives. Fortunes are told, dreams are dissected, and love matches are made as the sisters fix all of your problems (and ignore their own).


“Wild, high energy, and intimately memorable”

“Side-splittingly funny”, “A cavalcade of non-stop action” -Apt 613

“I’m declaring ‘In Waking Life’ to be the Hidden Gem of the Fringe!” -Chris Gabel, improviser with Paper Street Theatre Co.

"You’d have to be made of stone not to laugh at this show", "Two gifted, perfectly-matched performers" -Mooney on Theatre

WINNER: Mooney on Theatre Critic's Pick, Toronto Fringe 2019; ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ award, Kingston Fringe 2017


July 26, 20196:30 pm
July 27, 20195:00 pm


comedy - improv