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who is kabour?

Happening in the Greenwin Theatre

 Is a show that depicts the biography of the most mythical and most popular imaginative preaching among Moroccans both at home and abroad, KABOUR has become the very icon of realistic humor and the standard bearer of Moroccan sarcasm since its creation on TV by Hassan El Fad in 2013.

The difference that Kabour likes is that he is a countryman constantly in bad faith, devoid of all scruples but he is betrayed by a credulity that falsifies all kinds of stratagems.

In this piece, he is titillated by the interogations of a journalist on stage. During the 1h 40 minutes of the "interview" Kabour will deliver us in his costly humor and stripping behind the scenes of his 3 seasons of success on the screen and a multitude of truths that we do not tell.

Performance in Moroccan dialect.


February 17, 20188:00 pm